Reserch Services

At SPARS we believe little is more, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that “little extra”


Data processing

Our Data Processing capabilities and quality will ensure we provide you with all kinds of sophisticated statistical analysis and state-of –the art graphical presentations to make sure that clients get maximum mileage out of their data.

We also offer:

  • Coding and capturing- we have a well equipped Computer Bureau
  • Analysis of data.


Data lay-out and presentation

We make use of a vast array of data processing, database, spreadsheets and presentation software delivered and mastered with the kind of flair you would always come back for.

We do not only promise, we deliver AND that’s for real! Data-wise you will have the minimum number of queries and prompt resolve thus ensuring a fast project turn-around.

Quantitatively we are seasoned experts with the following programs and much more:

  • SPSS
  • ISSA
  • ASCII data layout
  • PowerPoint


Data processing Quality

  • 100% verification as standard
  • Accurate coding & data entry
  • Tables, charts and data files in your format of choice
  • Code frame design
  • Extensive import and export facilities
  • Excellent support and bureau services
  • Manual data entry
  • Online data entry


Data Services

  • Data backup solutions
  • Data protection
  • Data transfers
  • Data consultancy